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David Tennant/Linus Roache, Scene Three - First Time, NC-17.

(Crossposted to linus_roache and fey_gaming)

Linus flattened the box he'd just emptied, leaning it against the wall before moving to stand in front of David, wrapping his arms around the younger man's waist and pulling him close. "There, done... and not a moment too soon."

His smile had a hint of relief to it; there hadn't been much that they'd needed to move, but there had been enough for Linus to be glad that it was done. He raised a hand to caress David's cheek, gazing into the dark eyes he loved so much. "This is where it begins, love... our life together. I'm looking forward to seeing where it leads us."

He looked around the room they were in, taking in their surroundings, and by extension the rest of the house. "It's almost hard to believe that this is all really happening, isn't it?" he asked softly. "Finding each other, connecting the way we did... and now we're going to live together. I feel as though I constantly need to pinch myself to be sure I'm not dreaming."

It did feel almost surreal, sometimes. It was amazing to think that so much had happened in just a few weeks. He and David had both been alone, before some providence brought the two of them together - things like that didn't just happen by accident, he was sure of it. And now here he was, moving in with David.

Some people might have argued that a month was too soon for them to be living together. But Linus didn't think so, and apparently neither did David. This was the right thing for them, and Linus was certain that it would be a step into a brilliant future for the two of them. Let those on the outside judge. He didn't care what anyone else thought - what mattered was that he was where he belonged - sharing a life with the man he loved.

Linus held David a little closer, his fingers trailing along David's jaw. "So, here we are... this is real, this is now, this is us. And there's nowhere that I would rather be than here with you." He traced his fingertips over David's cheek, up to bury his fingers in David's hair as he pulled his boyfriend close against him and kissed him deeply.

His boyfriend. Just the thought made him ridiculously happy. His life really had been turned around by his decision to move here - he and David had only been together a month, and already he was happier than he could ever remember being. And he was sure that things could only continue to get better from here on out.

His hand left David's hair, drifting down his back to rest on the curve of his ass. He wanted David, more than he could put into words. The two of them had not yet consummated their relationship, but they had waited this long; they had just moved in together, and Linus was more than ready to take their relationship to that level. He just hoped that David was too.

Gentling their kiss, Linus pulled back to capture David's gaze, his breath coming faster in his chest. "I think perhaps we should... celebrate our new circumstances. Don't you?" His voice was low, and had taken on a slightly husky note.

If he'd misjudged this, then things could get very awkward. But he was fairly sure that he hadn't; at least, that was what he was hoping. He didn't want to wait any longer for the two of them to be together in every way.

David let himself lean against his boyfriend, raising a hand to wipe the thin sheen of sweat from his forehead. It hadn't been all that hard to move Linus in, really; he didn't have that much, and it was only across the street.

He'd been able to get all of the small things in his car in just two trips across the street and back; and now, everything of Linus's was moved in and unpacked. He'd thought that it would take much longer, but he was glad that it hadn't.

In fact, it had all gone much more smoothly than he could have hoped for. Fortunately, Linus's apartment had already been furnished, and he hadn't been in New Orleans long enough to acquire a lot of things, so the moving had been quick. And David had more than enough for the two of them.

Now that it was done, he felt a sense of relief, mixed with the anticipation of starting a whole new life. This wasn't something he'd anticipated when he'd moved here from Scotland, but he knew that it was what he wanted.

"I'm more than ready for our life together to start," he answered, his voice soft. "I think I've been ready since the moment I met you."

He rested his head against Linus's shoulder for a moment, sighing softly as he relaxed in his boyfriend's embrace. "It seems like a dream, a fairy tale," he murmured. "I never thought that I'd find someone like you. I'd given up looking. I thought I'd spend the rest of my life alone."

David had expected himself to feel a little apprehensive about this; after all, his last experience of living with someone had turned out horribly, and having his heart broken again was the last thing he wanted to deal with. But he had no misgivings, no doubts.

No, he was absolutely certain that he and Linus were doing the right thing. This was what they both needed, and he'd known that he wanted to spend his life with this man from the first. It might seem sudden, but why wait when his heart knew it was right?

And really, he couldn't care less what anyone else thought. This was his life, a life with the man he loved, and he would live that life in any way he chose.

His breath came faster when Linus spoke; he didn't need to have the other man's meaning spelled out to him. He supposed that he should feel apprehensive about this, but he didn't. All he could feel was the overwhelming need that he'd felt ever since the first time that Linus had kissed him; nothing else seemed to be of any consequence.

"I think we should, too," he answered, his voice slightly breathless. For some reason, he was having a hard time controlling that voice; it almost didn't want to come out, and his heart had accelerated until it was pounding in his chest.

But he didn't want to seem nervous; he cleared his throat before he spoke again, hoping that he didn't betray that nervousness to Linus. "Let's go upstairs," he whispered, threading his fingers through his boyfriend's as their eyes met, their shared gazed full of promises.

"I think I knew, even when we met, that you were the one I wanted to share my life with," Linus murmured. "I've only become more sure of that, the more time we've spent together. And now the wait's over and we're here."

He closed his eyes when David rested his head on his shoulder, enjoying the feeling of David's slender body clasped in his arms. It was a feeling he had very much come to love during their time together, and one he never wanted to lose. Even when they were just holding each other, it was incredible how it felt as though they were made to fit each other.

He smiled at David's words. "It does seem like a fairy tale - but it isn't, it's real. And I am so very glad that it is." His voice was soft as he turned his head to press a gentle kiss against David's hair. "I will never stop thinking myself incredibly lucky to have found you, my love. And you'll never be alone again, David. You've got me now, and you always will."

He didn't care if there were people who might say that he was making rash promises. He didn't think they were rash in the slightest - no, he meant them with every fibre of his being. Whatever fate had drawn him and David together, now that they were he had no intention of ever relinquishing what they had.

He knew that this was a big step in their lives - though he was very glad that he didn't really keep in contact with anyone 'back home'. His family would surely have made a big deal out of this, and given him a headache with their fussing. He very much doubted that a single one of them would have accepted that this was what he and David wanted.

He was surprised, though only slightly, to realise that he no longer thought of where he'd been living in London as 'back home'. For him, his home was here, with David. Really, anywhere that David was would be home to him from now on.

But he didn't need to think about that right now. Right now, he was exactly where he wanted to be - embarking on a new life, with his beautiful boyfriend by his side. Everything seemed to be falling nicely into place, and he wouldn't have it any other way.

David's breathlessness at his subtle suggestion - along with his words - left no doubt that he was as interested in progressing their relationship in the physical sense as he himself was. His heart accelerated in his chest; it seemed that they both felt they had waited for long enough.

He squeezed David's hand once their fingers were entwined, his eyes not leaving David's. "Yes, let's," he murmured, moving to lead the way towards the stairs, his hand still clasping David's. They had spent enough time together in the house for him to be sure of the way to David's bedroom.

Well. Their bedroom, really. The thought brought another small smile to Linus's lips, even as he started up the stairs. Thinking of things as 'theirs' still sent a thrill through him, more little reminders of how their lives were entwined.

He turned to David once they were in the bedroom, wrapping his arms around his boyfriend and kissing him almost hungrily. His hands moved to the hem of David's shirt, slipping underneath the fabric and ghosting up his back.

David led the way up the stairs, his heart pounding in his chest. This felt as though it was the most momentous occasion of his life -- and maybe it was. This was going to be the first time he was with the man he wanted to spend the rest of his life with.

He hadn't been this nervous at the prospect of his first time with anyone else -- not even when he'd lost his virginity. Then, he'd been nervous, yes, but for a very different reason. Though at the time, he'd thought he was in love, and would be with that person forever.

He'd learned from that experience, and he'd been lucky in that his first lover had remained a good friend. That was one part of his life that he looked back on with fondness.

David resolutely turned his thoughts away from the past; that wasn't important now. What he had to focus on was the future -- his future with Linus, their lives from this moment on. The past should be put behind him; it didn't matter now.

A soft gasp came from his throat when those soft hands slipped under his shirt; he loved the feel of Linus's fingertips on his bare skin. No one else's touch had ever made him feel such an intense, immediate need; it was as though Linus had managed to touch some secret part of him that he hadn't known was there until this man released it.

His head fell back, his eyes closing; all he wanted was for Linus to kiss him, to undress him and get him into bed. He'd waited a month for this, holding himself back when all he'd wanted to do was to give himself to Linus, and now, it was finally happening.

David sighed softly as Linus's lips met his in a fiery, heady kiss that took his breath away, hardly realizing it when his boyfriend's hands lifted his shirt over his head as the kiss broke off and tossed it aside. He was moving in a dream world, in slow motion, underwater.

Every one of his senses was heightened; his vision as Linus removed his own shirt, revealing his smooth chest to David's gaze; his hearing, telling him that Linus was breathing more heavily, and most of all, his sense of touch.

He had to force himself to undo his belt buckle and unbutton his jeans, starting to slide them down his narrow hips; what he really wanted to do was to touch Linus rather than to remove his own clothes. But there was plenty of time for touching and feeling.

Once his jeans were off, he backed towards the bed, not daring to look at Linus's face; this was the first time his boyfriend had seen him completely naked, and he was almost afraid to see the expression on those beautiful features.

But when David finally looked at Linus, the only thing he saw written on his lover's face was rapt attention, as though he couldn't take his eyes from what was presented to his gaze.

His breath hitched in his throat as Linus stepped out of his jeans, standing there in front of David wearing nothing but the silver watch on his wrist. He'd never seen such a beautiful man in his life; he wanted to lie there forever and feast his eyes on the sight that his eyes were taking in. No one could possibly be this .... this perfect.

For just a moment, a thin shiver of fear trickled down his spine. What if he wasn't what Linus wanted? What if he was no good at this, and the other man was disappointed? What if they somehow weren't sexually compatible?

David dismissed those thoughts from his mind. They didn't even bear thinking about; he and Linus were going to be wonderful together. He was sure of it. He held out his arms with an inviting smile, his dark eyes fixed on Linus's face.

Linus could hardly believe that this was finally happening, after the time they had spent waiting. Even as he pulled David's shirt off, stepping back just enough to grasp the hem of his own shirt and pull it over his head, he couldn't help but feel like this was some sort of dream.

Except that it wasn't a dream - it was so much better than a dream. It was reality. Their reality. And it seemed that it was already shaping up to far outmatch any dream.

His breath was coming faster in his chest as he watched David remove his jeans and move towards the bed. Even clothed, David was the most beautiful man he had ever seen. But naked, he was... stunning. Magnificent. A work of art, brought to life.

He knew that it was probably rude to stare, but he couldn't tear his eyes away from the vision that was his boyfriend laid out on the bed in front of him. He couldn't get enough of looking at that beautiful body, and knowing that David was his.

He swallowed hard, his hands moving to unfasten his jeans and push them down. As he stepped out of them, his gaze moved upwards to rest on David's face; he was hardly shy, not with David, but a part of him was unsure as to what his lover's reaction would be.

He needn't have worried, he realised; if the look on David's face was any indication, it seemed that the younger man certainly approved of what he saw.

Linus moved towards the bed, his smile answering David's as he followed the invitation of his boyfriend's arms. Laying on the bed beside David, he wrapped his own arms around the other man's slender waist, pulling him close for a searing kiss.

When they broke apart, he was almost gasping for breath, certain that his desire for David was evident in his eyes - as well as other places.

A part of him worried that he might not be able to make this good for David; that he might somehow leave his boyfriend wanting, or otherwise make him unhappy. But he pushed those worries aside; they had no place in his thoughts. They loved each other, and they both wanted this. And somehow, he was sure that his concerns would prove groundless.

He stroked his fingertips along David's cheek, down his throat; his lips followed his fingers, pausing briefly to press a gentle kiss against David's shoulder. He looked up, his gaze meeting David's. "You're beautiful," he murmured, his fingers trailing down to tease one of David's nipples even as he wrapped his lips around the other.

His hand drifted lower, tracing circles around David's navel as he nipped gently at one nipple, running his tongue over the sensitive bud before switching his attention to the other. His hand moved lower still, trailing along the line of David's hip; he raised his head and leaned in to kiss him again as his fingers curled around David's cock, gentle fingertips brushing his balls as he did so.

For a moment, he just held him, enjoying the feel of David's cock in his hand. His hold tightened a fraction, and he stroked once, rotating his wrist to swipe his hand over the tip before moving back down. He watched David's face, wondering how he had gotten so lucky as to have a man like David for a boyfriend.

A part of him wanted to speed things up, to be with David now, but he didn't want to rush things. He wanted this to be perfect, something that both of them could look back on as a wonderful beginning to their lives together.

He continued to stroke for a few moments, but he wanted to do so much more. Reaching into the bedside drawer, he located the lube by feel before coating two fingers with the slippery substance and moving them down to stroke against David's entrance.

Slowly, he inserted one finger, waiting for a few moments before inserting the second and watching David all the while. He wanted to be sure that nothing he was doing was hurting his lover. He began to move his fingers inside the other man, scissoring them and stroking.

It wouldn't be long now - but he was determined to make sure that David was ready for him. He didn't want to colour this by being too hasty.

David's eyes widened when Linus began to undress; he knew that he probably shouldn't be openly staring, but he couldn't help it; he could make himself tear his eyes away from the sight presented to his gaze.

Linus was even more beautiful out of his clothes than he'd been in them -- if such a thing was possible. All he could do was gaze at the other man in wonder, his eyes roaming over that perfect body. It was hard to believe that this man was his.

When Linus's arms wrapped around him, David let out a soft moan as their mouths fused with each other, his hands threading through his boyfriend's hair. All of the worries and doubts fled from his mind; this was how they'd been meant to be from the first moment they'd seen each other, uniting their bodies as well as their hearts.

His head fell back against the soft pillows as Linus began to move that delectable mouth down his body, his hands still entwined in the other man's hair; David didn't want to think, only to lose himself in the wonderful sensations that mouth was creating in his body.

The attention to his nipples was sending waves of pleasure washing over him, but he couldn't translate those feelings into words. All he could do was moan incoherently, squirming under Linus, hoping that his actions would convey his pleasure to his lover.

No one he'd been with before had paid this kind of attention to his body; for them, it had been quick and intense, not this slow, sensual exploration.

That hadn't been what he'd wanted, not at all. But this was different; this wasn't just someone wanting to take his body, this was someone wanting to make love to him, someone who wanted him for more than just sex.

Linus's touch was different from anyone else's; just the way that he held David, the way those lips felt against his skin, was different from any other sensation he'd ever known. This was love, the kind of love he'd never experienced before.

David gasped when Linus's fingers curled around his cock; his own hands moved down, stroking over the other man's soft skin, coming to rest on his boyfriend's shoulders. Once Linus had moved back up, he'd be able to touch more of his lover; but for now, all he could think of was the pleasure Linus's hands and mouth were giving him.

No other man had ever wanted to just hold him in their hand the way Linus was doing now; the few men he'd been with hadn't concentrated on his pleasure more than their own. But Linus was a kind, considerate lover, a man out of his wildest dreams.

Those gentle fingers moving between his legs, stroking over his entrance, brought another soft moan to his lips; his wide dark eyes locked on Linus's face, his breath coming quickly, knowing that in just a few moments, Linus would be inside him.

That was what he wanted, David told himself, all he'd wanted more than anything since he'd first met this man -- for them to be joined, a part of each other.

His breath hissed through his teeth when the first finger pressed inside him, before his muscles relaxed and he was breathing easily again. The second finger burned just a bit, but not enough to really hurt; it was more a sensation of being filled.

After a few moments, David's hips were moving in rhythm with Linus's gentle stroking, his eyes still focused on the other man's face. "That feels amazing," he managed to whisper, his voice barely a whisper in the still air of the room.

Linus was lying more on top of him now; it was easier for him to touch more of the other man's body, which he let himself do a little hesitantly. He desperately wanted to touch Linus more intimately, but he was waiting for Linus to give him a sign that he could.

Oh, to hell with it, he thought, moving his hand down between Linus's thighs. His fingers curled around his boyfriend's cock, closing his eyes as his hand wrapped around the thick shaft, a shiver of anticipation running down his spine at the thought of Linus being inside him.

There was something utterly intoxicating about David, Linus thought as he continued to lavish attention on his boyfriend's body, encouraged by the soft moans the younger man uttered. He never wanted to stop touching him, kissing him, exploring as much of his lover's body as he could.

He loved the feeling of David's fingers being buried in his hair; he couldn't remember anyone wanting to play with his hair before, even though it was something he enjoyed. Just another way in which David was so much better than anyone else he'd known.

Not just better. David was perfect, in his eyes. Beautiful, intelligent, charming - and loving. Oh yes. He had seen plenty of evidence of that in the time that they had already had together over the past month.

He didn't think that anyone could possibly be more perfect for him than David. Men like him were rare; Linus considered himself incredibly lucky that he and David had been drawn together.

He gazed down at David as his boyfriend's hands found their way to his shoulders, his eyes half-closing as those gentle fingertips trailed over his skin. What was it about David's touch that sent such a delightful thrill through him?

He wasn't quite sure, but there were other things to focus on at the moment. Like the feeling of his lover's cock in his hand, the sight of that slender body sprawled beneath him...

He couldn't tear his eyes away from David's as his lubed fingers moved lower; his own breath was coming as rapidly as his lover's. It wouldn't be much longer now... a month of waiting, and now they were almost there, the point where they would be joined physically as well as emotionally.

David's sharp intake of breath when he was penetrated made Linus focus sharply on his face, anxious that he might have hurt him; his anxiety was eased within moments as David began moving to meet the movements of his fingers.

His eyes fell shut as David's hands started to roam over his body; when those long fingers curled around his cock, his eyes flew open again as a gasp escaped his lips. He stared down at David, his breath coming more ragged now.

He'd dreamed about what it would be like, touching David, being touched in return; the reality was exceedingly better than the fantasy. There was just something almost magical about the way that David made him feel. There was a connection between them, one that he knew would only get stronger.

He brushed his free hand down David's velvet-soft cheek, along his jaw, his thumb brushing over David's lips. "I love you," he murmured, cupping David's cheek and leaning down to kiss him. "So much."

His eyes fell shut, the feeling of David's hand on his cock drawing a moan from his throat. He looked down at David, burying his free hand in his boyfriend's silken hair as he kissed his way along the younger man's jaw.

He paused to nip lightly at David's earlobe, his lips brushing the shell of his ear. "There aren't words for what you do to me," he breathed. "My beautiful David..." He stroked his fingers through David's hair, his other hand still moving between David's legs as he ran his tongue along the length of the delicate column of his neck.

A soft moan came from David's throat as Linus's fingers pressed more deeply inside him; soon, it would be more than just those slender fingers, he reminded himself. The thought made his breath come faster, his heart beat more rapidly.

If it felt this good for his boyfriend to merely touch him, what would it feel like when they were actually making love? His mind reeled at the thought; just the idea of what was to come tonight was intoxicating.

David couldn't take his eyes from Linus's face; the man leaning over him was more beautiful than anything he'd ever seen in his entire life. He was sure that an angel couldn't be more ethereal than Linus, those gorgeous eyes fixed on his face, those inviting lips curved in a half-smile that made David ache to kiss him.

His hand was still on Linus's cock, he realized with a start. He should be doing somethng more than just lying here with one hand moving up and down his boyfriend's bare arm, his other hand grasping Linus's cock; he should be making Linus feel good in return.

He began to stroke slowly up and down the length of Linus's cock, marveling at the softness of the skin -- and the thick hardness pulsing in his grip.

This man was going to be inside him in only a few moments, David told himself, his heart racing even faster at the prospect. What if he was too tight? What if they had problems? What if .... there were so many things that could go wrong.

But none of them would, he told himself firmly. He and Linus had waited so long to join their bodies; it was going to be beautiful. They weren't blushing virgins, either of them; they were grown men, with experience in what they were doing.

Though he was sure that no experience he'd ever had with anyone else would top what was going to happen here tonight, David thought to himself, reaching up to cup Linus's cheek with his free hand. This was the beginning of a whole new life for him.

For the two of them. His eyes filled with tears when he heard that simple three-word sentence from his boyfriend's lips; Linus had said it before, but somehow it seemed to mean so much more at this moment than it had at any other time.

"I love you, too," he answered, his voice soft and husky; if he'd spoken any louder, he was sure that the swelling of his heart would have made him burst into tears.

David spread his legs slightly, wanting more from Linus than just those fingers inside him. He loved the foreplay; he loved them touching each other, the soft words, the tenderness, having the knowledge that he wasn't only desired, he was loved. But it was time to move past that, to let their actions dictate their emotions.

He didn't even feel nervous about this any more -- all he could feel was his love for Linus, his burgeoning physical desire for the other man. If they kept touching each other, he would come all too quickly, and he wanted to make this last as long as possible.

If Linus's reaction to being stroked was any indication, his desire was at as much of a fever pitch as his own -- and he didn't want to keep his lover waiting any longer. This was the right time for both of them, the moment they'd held themselves back for.

"Make love to me," he whispered, releasing Linus's cock and reaching up to twine both arms around his boyfriend's neck. "I want you so much," he murmured, pulling Linus down against him, wondering if the other man could feel his heart pounding in his chest.

Linus gazed down into David's eyes, almost wanting to lose himself in those dark depths. His boyfriend really did have the most incredible eyes... everything about David was incredible, he thought. He really was stunning.

He let his free hand drift along David's cheek, his neck, his shoulder; then back up again, revelling in the feel of the other man's soft skin under his fingertips, like the finest velvet.

He gasped when David's hand began to move on his cock, moaning David's name as he stared down at the younger man. He really did have the most wonderful sensations at his fingertips; no-one else had ever been able to make him feel like this just from a simple touch.

But then, no-one else had been David. No-one else had captured his heart so completely, become so close to him that they were like one entity.

When David cupped his cheek, he leaned into the touch, turning his head slightly to press a gentle kiss against David's palm. There just weren't adequate words to describe just how much he loved David - though it seemed by David's reaction that there were no more needed than those three little words.

His heart swelled when David said them back; he knew that David loved him, but it always meant a lot to him when he said those words. Especially so, right now. He leaned down to kiss David again, pouring everything that he felt into it.

They were getting close now, he could feel it. They had been waiting so long for this; even though he felt that he could quite happily lie here and continue to have them just touch each other, it just felt right. Like this was the moment they had been waiting for all this time.

He still couldn't help but worry that something might somehow go wrong. He was afraid that he might not be able to make this good for David - if he left his lover wanting, he'd never forgive himself.

He shook himself mentally. That wasn't going to happen. He and David had meshed so well in the other aspects of their lives; this was going to be wonderful as well, he was sure of it. They both wanted it too much for it to be anything less.

Nerves had no place now. What mattered was that he loved David, and he knew that David loved him; and that they each wanted the other. Wanted this.

"Yes," he breathed, slipping his fingers out of David's body as he was pulled down against his boyfriend's chest. "I want you too. More than anything." He could feel David's rapid heart against his chest, racing with the beat of his own.

He shifted slightly, positioning himself at David's entrance. His eyes met that incredible dark gaze, not looking away as he pushed forward, carefully, another gasp escaping him as the head of his cock pressed into David's body. He continued pressing forward, a little at a time, trying his best not to move too fast and possibly hurt his lover.

It was incredible, being inside David, that tight heat enveloping him. He raised a hand to caress David's cheek, taking a moment once he was fully inside him to let David get used to him. As much as he needed David, he was still not going to spoil things by rushing. "All right, love?" he breathed, hoping fervently that he wasn't hurting David.

His breath was coming in ragged gasps, his eyes never leaving David's face as he pulled back a bit before pushing forward again, starting up a slow rhythm.

David closed his eyes, sighing with undisguised pleasure as Linus's hand moved down his throat, then back up again. No one had ever made him feel like this before, as though he could simply melt into nothingness from the sheer pleasure of their touch.

His hand was still moving on Linus's cock, but he couldn't keep the movement up for much longer; already, he was starting to breathe more heavily, his pulse erratic. As good as it felt to touch Linus like this, he wanted the other man inside him.

It didn't feel as though this was their first time; David felt that he'd known this man forever, that Linus had been a part of his heart and soul for as long as he could remember. This felt like a homecoming rather than a first meeting of two future lovers.

Their loving wasn't in the future, David told himself firmly as his eyes met Linus's. It was now, this very second. No vague future to peer through a haze at; no, their future was here, starting from this moment on. There was nothing to hold them back, no reason for them to deny themselves what they'd wanted for so long.

All he could think of was how much he loved Linus -- and wanted him. This was more than just the textbook definition of "love." This was an emotion that surpassed anything he'd ever known, anything he would know.

He'd thought that he was in love before this, but anything he'd ever felt before paled in comparison to the emotion this man aroused in him.

When Linus bowed his head to kiss him again, David let go of his boyfriend's cock, taking Linus's face between his hands and gazing deep into those beautiful eyes. Linus's gaze mesmerized him; he couldn't have looked away if he'd tried.

"I've never needed anyone the way I need you," he whispered, wrapping his arms around Linus's neck and pulling him close. "And I don't have words to tell you how much I love you, what you mean to me. All I can do is show you."

The kiss was hot, searing him from the inside out; there was no thrusting of tongues, no frantic searching, just a melding of two souls that had finally found what they needed in each other. It was as comforting as it was sensual, a knowledge that they were both where they belonged.

David felt as though he was drowning in that kiss, submerging himself in the man he wanted to give his heart, body and soul to. And he never wanted to come up for air.

The urgent need that was building in him couldn't be held back any longer; he needed Linus as he'd never needed anyone, needed them to finally lock themselves together in the primitive dance that they'd been heading towards since their first meeting.

It only took a moment for Linus to position himself, then he was pressing inside David, so slowly that David almost pushed his hips up and begged for more. But he didn't; he closed his eyes, his breathing slow and deep, wanting to feel Linus entering him, wanting to savor the sensation of being filled.

This was better than he could have possibly dreamed, he thought dazedly, realizing that Linus was all the way inside him. He rocked his hips against the other man's, a shiver of pleasure running through his body, a soft moan leaving his lips.

He nodded at Linus's question, opening his eyes again to see that beautiful face hovering over him. "Yes," he whispered, raising a hand to lay it against Linus's cheek, swallowing hard to hold back sudden tears. "I love you, Linus."

Had making love ever felt like this with anyone? he thought as Linus pulled back slightly, then pushed inside him again. He didn't think so. No one else would ever have been capable of giving him this kind of pleasure, this feeling of becoming one with his lover.

David rocked his hips upward to meet Linus's thrusts, his long legs wrapping around the other man's waist even as his thin arms pulled Linus down for another heated kiss. If he could, he would stay in this embrace forever, making this man's arms his home for the rest of his life.

Linus's eyes fell shut as David's hand continued to stroke along the length of his cock, the touch sending waves of pleasure sweeping through his body. It seemed that his lover knew exactly how to touch him; he was certain that nothing had ever felt like this before.

This might be the first time that the two of them had truly been physically intimate, but it was as though they were one being, the way that their thoughts and actions seemed to be so in accord. He was certain that he and David had always been meant to be together, and that was why this all felt so right.

His eyes never left David's as the younger man cupped his face between delicate hands, his boyfriend's touch as gentle as ever. He felt as though he could fall into the bottomless dark depths of that gaze, fall forever and never want to surface.

"I need you too," he murmured. "You're all I'll ever need, all I'll ever want. And I love you more than anything." He wanted to say more, but this was a time when actions would speak louder than words.

He could never get enough of kissing David, he thought as their lips met. The sheer intensity of feeling that seemed to communicate itself in that kiss threatened to sweep him away - and he wasn't going to resist. This was where he belonged.

He wanted David, badly. It was as though his need for the other man only increased with each moment that passed; he never wanted to look back on what had been. He was more than happy to be swept into what lay ahead, with David by his side.

And he was more than ready for what their immediate future held.

Entering David felt almost like coming home; as there had been with everything else, there was a rightness to it that was unmistakable. He watched David, mesmerised by his boyfriend's steady breathing as he continued to push forward.

A moan was drawn from his throat as David rocked against him, echoing his lover's. The sensation was unlike anything he'd ever felt before; it was simply incredible. And they'd barely started.

He leaned into David's touch, relieved that he wasn't hurting him. "I love you too, David. Always."

He continued a steady rhythm, revelling in the feeling of being utterly entwined with David. It was as though he was being pulled into David, enveloped in his embrace as well as his body. The kiss nearly took his breath away, until he was gasping and moaning against David's mouth as his boyfriend moved to meet him.

He was certain that nothing had ever felt as wonderful as this, this amazing feeling of being loved deeply and completely. This was what 'making love' truly was; this melding of hearts and souls as well as bodies. There could never be any doubt that he and David had been meant for each other - the two of them fit each other perfectly, in every way.

He stroked his fingers down David's cheek, bowing his head to press a kiss against David's shoulder. He was moving a bit faster now, still gazing down at David as he moved inside him. "My beautiful David," he whispered, leaning down for another kiss.

Each movement of Linus's body felt as though it was flowing into the next; David had never felt this way before with any lover -- not that he'd had many. He hadn't had many boyfriends in the past, and he didn't believe in one-night stands.

He could feel his orgasm uncoiling from some deep, hidden place within him; he'd had orgasms before, of course, but he could already tell that this coming together with Linus was going to be beyond anything he'd ever experienced.

His long legs were wrapped around Linus's waist, his small hands clutching his lover's shoulders, his body moving in rhythm with the other man's. the rhythm itself was primal, instinctive, but the feelings it engendered were new and different from anything he'd ever felt before.

David had thought that he'd been in love with his last boyfriend, but that emotion had been nothing compared to what he was feeling now.

What was happening between himself and Linus wasn't merely sex, and it even went far beyond his knowledge of "making love." It was a joining not only of their bodies, hearts and souls, but of their very essences. How could it be possible to feel something this strong, this ancient, this .... encompassing, with a man he hadn't known very long?

Those feeling were only more proof to David that Linus was his soul mate, the man he was meant to be with, the man he'd been intended for from the moment of his birth. This was where he'd always been meant to be, in this man's arms.

He'd never really believed in fate before, but this coming together was proof that fate not only existed, but that it was working in his life. He wouldn't have found Linus on his own; it had taken fate to push them both into this particular time and place.

And now that he'd found Linus, he was never going to let go. David's hips rocked upwards again, a soft gasp torn from his throat as Linus pushed deeper into him, his breath started to come in deep, ragged gasps as he struggled to get words out.

"Linus .... I can't .... hold out .... much longer," he gasped, knowing instinctively that his lover was close to spending as well. It would only be a few more moments now; neither of them could keep this level of intensity up.

With a soft cry, David squeezed his eyes shut, feeling his body thrust upwards again as though he was riding the crest of a wave, one that brought him crashing into the safety and security of Linus's strong arms holding him close.

He wasn't seeing stars, but then, that wasn't what he expected from making love. All he wanted to see was Linus's beautiful face hovering over him, to feel those lips on his.

David was trembling from head to toe; he could feel that Linus was, too, the intensity of their union shaking both of them to the core. Had Linus ever experienced anything like this before? He himself most certainly hadn't; he almost wanted to ask the other man if he had, but it wasn't exactly the best subject for pillow talk.

Wrapping his arms around Linus's shoulders, David pulled him down for another kiss, reveling in the sensation of Linus's body stretched out on top of his, the feeling of being skin to skin with the man he loved.

Had anything ever felt like this before? No, he was sure it hadn't. The feeling of being one with Linus was even stronger now, more so than when they'd actually been making love. David closed his eyes, savoring the moment.

The bond he was forging with this man was one that would never be broken; he was absolutely sure of that. Linus was already a part of him, more so than anyone had ever been. This was what he'd been searching for all of his life, and had finally found.

"That was absolutely incredible," he whispered, his dark eyes fixed on Linus's face. "I don't think I've ever felt anything that .... that intense before. And with time, we'll only get better together. Though I think we'll have to work to top that."

Linus felt as though he and David were somehow melding, merging to become one being as their bodies moved in unison. This was how it was meant to be - the two of them together, their bond going deeper than the physical, even deeper than emotions. They were truly bound in every way, each an irrevocable part of the other.

Their connection was one that he was sure had existed long before they had met, and one that would continue without end. They were part of each other, now and always - nothing was going to change that. Nothing would ever come between them, he was sure.

He was starting to get close, he knew; they couldn't keep this up forever, no matter how much he wished that he could continue to be lost in the overwhelming sensation of being so intimately joined with David.

He had no words to adequately describe what was happening between them. It was unlike anything he had ever experienced before - this connection that went deeper than anything he had ever known. There was no mistaking that David was 'the one', the missing piece that completed him without him even realising before that there was anything missing. Now, of course, he could not imagine existing without David.

He gasped as he felt himself drawing nearer; it was as though he was rushing headlong towards a cliff, both of them were, both nearing the point where they would leap from that dizzying height and fly together.

He was aware of everything - the feel of David under him, his boyfriend's legs wrapped around his waist, those long delicate fingers digging into his shoulders. He considered himself incredibly lucky that he was the man that the fates had deemed worthy of someone like David.

At David's gasped admission, he shook his head slightly, his eyes never leaving David's face. "Neither can I," he breathed, unable to make his voice work at any greater volume. His movements had become more erratic, his breath ragged; he knew they would take that leap very soon.

David's climax brought his own to the surface; he cried out - David's name - as his orgasm overtook him, fighting to keep himself from collapsing on top of the slender man underneath him. The sheer intensity of it snatched his breath from him, before he managed to remind himself to breathe.

He wrapped one arm around David's waist, using the other to support him so that his full weight wasn't on David. He could feel the tremors still coursing through David's body, mirroring his own. Nothing he had experienced before in his life could ever compare to what had just happened; he vaguely wondered if anything else ever could. This was where he belonged - with David. His soulmate, his other half, the one that fate had led him to. And this was where he intended to stay.

He revelled in the feeling of kissing David, those soft lips against his own, luxuriating in the close contact of their bodies so soon after they had shared something so utterly incredible. David was every dream he had ever had brought to life, and then a few that he hadn't even known he had.

He gazed down at David, a small smile curving his lips. He was sure that he had never seen anyone look more beautiful than David did at that moment. And this beautiful, amazing man was his - he found himself feeling the need for someone to pinch him, just to prove that this was all real.

But it was real, and there were no adequate words he could possibly use to express how glad and grateful he was that it was. David was his, and he was David's; the two of them were inextricably entwined, until it was difficult to tell where one ended and the other began. And that was how it was meant to be, he thought. Now that they had found each other, nothing was going to tear them apart.

"It was indeed," he murmured, reaching up to brush a few strands of damp hair away from David's forehead. "It was a new experience for me too... I've never known anything that comes even remotely close to that before." He leaned down to brush a gentle kiss against David's lips. "You may be right about that - though I don't doubt that things will only continue to get better."

He brushed his fingers along David's cheek, his gaze never leaving David's. "This was meant to be, my love. You and me... I never believed in fate before, but I can't help but feel that we were drawn together. And now that I've found you, I'm never giving you up."

He rolled carefully to the side, gathering David in his arms and holding the younger man close against him, one hand stroking through his hair. "I love you, David. Now, and forever." He tilted David's chin up, once again meeting those incredible dark eyes. "You are the most precious gift I could ever have in my life."

David gazed up at the man above him, his mind registering that Linus wasn't collapsing on top of him, letting David take the full force of his weight. Most men weren't so considerate; they only thought of their own pleasure, not of their lover's.

But Linus was different, in so many ways. This man was not only beautiful, intelligent, and the most incredibly considerate man he'd ever met -- Linus was also the most satisfying lover he'd ever had. He'd never realized that sex could be so utterly overwhelming.

Raising one hand, he stroked his fingertips down Linus's cheek, lost for words for the moment. He didn't want words; he only wanted to lie here next to this man and lose himself in those eyes, to feel that he was a part of something wondrous and all-encompassing, something that took him out of himself and into another realm.

Was it possible to be this much in love with someone he'd only been dating for a month? Most people would say no; they would tell him that love took time to grow, that they hadn't had time enough with each other to call what they felt love.

David knew they were wrong. If this wasn't love, then nothing was. There was no other name that he could put on this feeling, nothing else that would possibly feel right.

A slow smile spread over his features as Linus spoke; the other man's words mirrored what he himself felt in his heart. For once, he didn't feel awkward or tongue-tied after making love; the words tumbled from his lips as though they couldn't wait to come out.

"I've always wondered just why fate always seemed to pass me by -- at least when it comes down to being lucky in love," he whispered, his fingertips still caressing Linus's cheek. "I think it finally decided to smile on me."

His hand moved from the other man's cheek to his hair, brushing his fingers through the tawny softness. David could feel his throat tightening at Linus's words, the tears rising unbidden to his eyes, his emotions spilling over in an unstoppable flood.

"I love you too, Linus," he whispered, a few tears breaking through and streaking down his cheeks. "I've loved you since the first moment we met. But now .... I think what I'm feeling for you goes far beyond love, into something that's outside this world."

He raised a hand to his face to wipe away the tears, smiling ruefully. "I'm not crying because I'm sad," he explained, feeling a little silly at the outpouring of emotion that he couldn't hold back. "These are happy tears. I suppose they're because I never expected to feel anything like this with anyone. I was dead inside until you walked into my life."

Did he need to say anything more? He didn't think so; and besides, he didn't want to ruin this time just after their first lovemaking by bringing his past into light. There would be time enough for them both to discuss their respective pasts later.

No, this was a time for happiness -- for the two of them to affirm their feelings, and begin to explore those emotions to their fullest.

"You're the most incredible gift I've ever had," he murmured, burrowing into Linus's arms with the feeling that he was finally where he belonged. "One that I don't ever want to have to give back. One that I intend to treasure for the rest of our lives -- and beyond."

His thin arms slid around Linus's waist, his head resting against his boyfriend's shoulder as he stretched out next to the other man. He'd never been able to luxuriate in a lover's arms like this before, and he intended to enjoy every moment of their closeness.

Linus gazed down into David's eyes, his own eyes half-closing as he turned his head to press a kiss against David's palm before meeting his gaze again. There was something utterly amazing about David, he thought; he felt such a strong sense of belonging when they were together.

Not only that, but he also felt that the name of 'love' was not quite adequate to describe the sheer depth of what he and David shared. It was the best word that he could think of, but it just didn't seem to cover everything that he felt for David.

What he did know was that he felt more strongly for David than he ever had for anyone else in his life. He had felt that there was a deep connection between them even before - and now it only seemed to be growing stronger. It didn't matter that they had only been together for a month - there was no mistaking the bond between them.

David's smile brought his own to the surface; he loved seeing that smile cross his boyfriend's handsome features. It was nearly impossible not to smile back when he saw that expression. David's words made him smile all the more - it seemed that they had been thinking along the same lines.

"I think it smiled on us both, my love," he said softly, his eyes closing as he revelled in David's gentle touch. He raised a hand to lay it over David's, holding the other man's hand against his cheek. "And I could not be happier that it did."

Linus sighed as David's fingers moved through his hair, a contented little smile on his lips. If he were a cat, he would probably have been purring, he thought. He let his gaze rest on David's face, surprised to see tears forming in those beautiful eyes.

"I feel the same way," he breathed, finding his own tears threatening to come to the surface at David's hushed admission. "I feel like there aren't words that could truly define how I feel about you. You're... everything, to me."

He leaned in to kiss the remnants of David's tears from his cheeks, then placed a gentle kiss on his lips before pulling back slightly to stroke his fingertips over David's cheek. "I know," he whispered, a few of his own escaping as he rested his forehead against David's. "I think I was just existing until I met you. But we complete each other, don't we?"

He pulled David a little closer, delighting in the feeling of having his boyfriend in his arms. There was nowhere else that he wanted to be but right here with David; he had finally found where he belonged when the two of them had met, and that feeling was only growing stronger.

"I won't ever give you up, David," he murmured, pressing a kiss against David's hair. "This is where we are meant to be, my love - that will never change. My place is by your side. As it always will be."

He raised a hand to stroke David's hair as the two of them lay together, just enjoying each other's presence. This was what his entire life had been leading up to, he was sure - this wonderful feeling of being with the man he loved more than anything, the man who loved him in return. He felt certain that there could be nothing else in his life that could possibly mean as much to him as this.

David closed his eyes, breathing a soft sigh of contentment. He'd never expected to feel like this with anyone; the few relationships he'd had in his life had never been this warm, this loving, this .... right.

No other man had ever made him feel like Linus did simply by looking at him. All it had taken was one look from the handsome artist when Linus had first walked into the bookshop, and David was ready to go to the ends of the Earth and beyond for him.

Was it strange to feel that way about someone he'd just met at the time? No, David decided, running his hand through Linus's soft hair again. It was only an indication that, at long last, he'd finally met the man he was destined to be with.

He'd never been a great believer in fate. It had always seemed pointless to him; he'd always thought that people made their own fate. It made much more sense to him than just blindly accepting whatever was thrown his way. If his life wasn't going the way he wanted it to, then it was up to him to change it.

But apparently, fate had other ideas for him. She had stepped into his life in a big way, giving him the one person he'd always longed for and thought he would never find.

Being with Linus was like ..... like coming home, he thought, letting himself relax in the other man's embrace and twining his long legs with Linus's. He was exactly where he wanted to be -- and where he'd always belonged.

And they had the rest of their lives to be like this, he told himself, a small smile crossing his features at the thought. This wasn't just his home now -- it was theirs. Linus belonged here in this house just as much as he himself did.

David was a bit surprised to see the tears on Linus's cheeks; he hadn't expected his own tears to make his boyfriend cry. He raised one hand to gently wipe the tears away, then lifted his face to press a gentle kiss against Linus's mouth.

"I love you," he said softly, the words reverberating in his mind as he spoke. "You don't just complete me, Linus. You make me feel as though a whole new life is opening up in front of me -- a life that I never thought I could have. I came here to get away from the idea of being in love -- and instead, I've walked right into love."

His voice was soft as he continued to speak, the words tumbling out as though of their own volition. "I never want to go back to thinking that way. Finding you has been the best thing that's ever happened to me."

He snuggled comfortably into Linus's embrace, glancing at the window and smiling when he realized that the moon was shining directly onto their bed.

Could his life be any more perfect right now? David didn't think so. He had a job he loved, he was living in a city that was full of life -- and, most importantly, he had the man he loved by his side. A man who was far different from anyone he'd ever known before.

Linus had slipped into his life as seamlessly as though he'd always been there. There had been no awkward transition with having someone else in the house; in fact, it was comforting to know that he was here, that this was his home now.

David looked up at his lover, raising a hand to stroke Linus's cheek again. "I think it's time we got some sleep, love," he whispered, closing his eyes and resting his head against the other man's chest. "I want to fall asleep here in your arms. And wake up with you in the morning."

Linus stroked a hand over David's cheek, revelling in the closeness of his boyfriend - emotionally as well as physically. There could be no doubt that the bond between them had only grown stronger, and would continue to do so.

He could never have anticipated meeting David. If anyone had said to him when he had moved here that he would find himself madly in love with a beautiful young man, and that that love would be returned, he would have told them to get their head examined. But here he was, secure in the fact that he had a wonderful boyfriend whom he would move heaven and earth for, and that David loved him as no-one else ever had.

For what seemed like the millionth time, he thanked whatever power had made him decide to move here in search of a new life, and guided him to David. He was happier now than he could ever remember being in his life. He might not have anticipated finding his other half when he moved to New Orleans, but he was infinitely thankful that he had.

He let his hand rest on David's shoulder, his thumb idly brushing over the other man's silken skin. He still could not believe, sometimes, that he had been so lucky as to be the man that fate had chosen to pair with David. The younger man's presence in his life was truly a precious gift that he had never expected to have.

He closed his eyes for a moment as he luxuriated in the feeling of having David clasped in his arms. There was an innate rightness to it, like it was where they had always been meant to be. And it was where they would stay, he was sure of that.

The feel of David's gentle touch as he brushed the tears from his cheeks made Linus's heart swell with the sheer amount of love he had for this man. Anyone else would likely have told him that tears were a weakness, whether happy or sad. But not David. No, David was unlike anyone else that he had ever known - because he was the man that he had always been intended to be with. No-one in the past mattered; David was his present, and his future.

He returned the gentle kiss, once again raising his hand to stroke his fingertips over David's cheek. "I love you too," he murmured, letting the depth of everything he felt come out in those little words. "I think we both found the very thing that we had been trying to get away from - though I am very glad that we did."

He leaned in for another gentle kiss. "I don't want you to ever feel that you need to think like that again, David. What we have - it's forever. You're the best thing that could possibly happen in my life, too. And that's not something that will fade away."

He smiled as David snuggled closer, holding the other man close against him and letting his gaze rest on his young lover's face, admiring the way that the moonlight shining into their bedroom made him look almost ethereal.

There were no words to describe how very glad he was that he had made the decision to come here when he had decided that he had to get out of London. There was nowhere else that he could imagine wanting to be - and certainly no-one else that he wanted to be with. The life that he had with David was something that he had never dared to hope for, and it was one that he would always cherish, with every day that passed to bring them closer together.

He let his eyes fall closed as David's fingertips brushed along his cheek, opening them again to meet his boyfriend's gaze. "Yes, I think we should," he replied, as David nestled against him. He stroked a hand over David's hair before wrapping his arm around him again. "I look forward to waking up with you beside me, love." He brushed a kiss against David's hair, settling back against the pillows and closing his eyes. "Good night, my David."

David sighed softly, contentedly, resting his forehead against Linus's shoulder. He never would have thought his life in New Orleans would turn out to be like this -- but he was very, very glad that this was where the path of destiny had led him.

It didn't seem possible that he could be so happy. This was everything David had hoped for from his life; Linus had stripped away the bad experiences that he'd been living with for the last two years and made his future look clear and sparkling.

He couldn't have agreed with Linus's words more; he knew that this was something rare and special for them both, and that it wasn't going to simply fade away into the woodwork after they had known each other for a while.

What they felt for each other was far too strong for that; he'd never particularly believed that fate could push people together, but this time, it seemed that fate was too strong a force for them to ignore. David knew that he would be thanking that particular quirk of fate that had led Linus to him for the rest of his life.

He nodded at Linus's word, raising his head to look into the other man's eyes. "I know that this is forever," he whispered, raising one hand to run his fingers through Linus's hair. "If it wasn't, there would be something telling me to hold back -- and there isn't. I just feel warm and safe and contented and .... and happy."

The last words were barely audible; David was almost afraid to jinx his happiness by daring to say the word aloud, much less to think it.

But that was the truth, he realized, a slow smile spreading over his features. He was happy, more so than he'd ever been. No one else had ever made him feel like this; he'd never had that immediate connection to anyone that he'd had with Linus.

This was right in every way. He'd felt that from the first moment they'd laid eyes on each other, but now that they'd joined physically, now that they belonged to each other in every way, the conviction that this was where he belonged was even stronger.

If he had known when he first moved to New Orleans that his destiny was here, in this man's arms, he probably would have been searching for Linus -- and he would have run the risk of looking right past him, not realizing what his heart was searching for. So it was probably a good thing that this had been so completely unexpected.

In that case, it was a good thing that fate had given him a strong push right into Linus's arms, he thought to himself with a smile. And there was so much more for them to look forward to in their life together. Tonight was only the beginning.

They were setting out on a path that wasn't clearly defined, David thought to himself. A path that might be frightening at times. But it was one that he wanted to take -- and he wanted to have Linus by his side every step of the way.

He'd thought that he was coming here to New Orleans to bury himself in his work, that his romantic life was over and that he was going to live quietly, keep to himself, and only get involved again if he was absolutely sure that he was doing the right thing.

Well, he was absolutely sure. He'd thought that if and when he became involved with anyone again, it would be a long time in coming, that he would be cautious, move slowly, and get to know the man very well before he jumped into a relationship. He'd thrown all that to the winds, but it had been the right thing to do. He was positive of that.

There was so much ahead of them, so much that they would share together. A lifetime lay ahead of them, a lifetime for them to become even more entwined with each other.

Settling himself comfortably into his boyfriend's arms, David let out another contented sigh as they snuggled under the covers together. His eyelids were drooping; he knew that sleep was going to overtake him in just a few moments. He could barely keep his eyes open, and he wasn't sure that the words in his mind would come out properly.

"Our first night together was glorious," he said sleepily, yawning and closing his eyes. "And I know that our first morning together will be just as wonderful. Good night, my love." With those words, he let himself tumble into the realm of sleep, a smile on his lips as he drifted off.



November 2009

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