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David Tennant/Linus Roache, Scene Two - First Date, PG-13

(Crossposted to linus_roache and fey_gaming)

David led the way out of the bookshop and down the sidewalk, pausing a moment to glance at the mailbox as he turned them towards his house. Fortunately, there didn't seem to be any late mail today; he looked over at Linus with a smile as they headed up the sidewalk towards the house, wondering what to say next.

It was ridiculous to feel shy around Linus; he hadn't been that way at all in the bookshop, and here, they would have much more privacy. He didn't want to lose the intimacy that had already starting to grow between them.

Once they'd reached the back yard, David stopped and turned to the other man, stepping close to Linus and sliding his arms hesitantly around the other man's waist. He didn't want to come on too strong, but it was so hard to keep himself away from this man ....

Closing his eyes, he leaned his head against Linus's shoulder. It felt so natural to be here, in the circle of Linus's arms; this was something that he'd denied himself for far too long.

No, he hadn't denied himself -- he'd never had the chance to discover what this could feel like. He'd never known anyone like Linus; this man was one in a million, once in a lifetime. That sounded like something out of a cheesy love poem, but David didn't care; he was sure that it was the truth, and that Linus felt it too.

It was some kind of providence that had made Linus come into his bookshop today, he thought to himself. Kismet, fate, whatever they wanted to call it -- he couldn't shake the feeling that there was some force outside of themselves at work here.

Smiling, he finally raised his head from Linus's shoulder. He was being fanciful; he'd read too many books set in fantasy worlds. He should know better than to believe in things like that; they were for children, or for people who didn't have their feet planted firmly in the real world.

Oh, all right, so his feet might be in the real world -- but his head was definitely in the clouds, and he'd never really minded that.

"Would you like to help me make tea?" he questioned softly, gesturing towards the door that led into the back hallway of the house. "We can bring it back out here to the gazebo, but it'll take a few moments to get the water boiling."

Reluctantly, he pulled away slightly, not wanting to leave the comfort of those arms but knowing that he had to unlock the door and let them into the house. He led Linus to the small back porch, opening the door and standing aside for the other man to enter first before he followed him in and led him down the hallway to the sunny, spacious kitchen.

David dropped his keys on the table when they entered the room, leaning on the counter and smiling over at Linus.

"I don't cook much -- or very well, at that -- but it's always nice to have a big kitchen, isn't it? Not that I plan on doing much entertaining or anything like that," he laughed, shaking his head. "Do you cook? I usually stick to what can be made in the microwave, or out of a can."

Linus looked up at the house as they moved towards it, impressed by what he could see on the outside. It certainly looked like David had one heck of a place; did he really live in this house on his own?

He returned his gaze to David, his lips curving in an answering smile as they made their way up to the house. It really was incredible that he and David had met, that they had seemingly connected so quickly. And that he was here, now, having been invited to David's home. Any other time, with any other person, he might have been concerned by the pace they were setting. But not here, not with David; no, this just felt right.

When David turned to him in the back yard of the house, Linus wrapped his arms around him, pulling the other man close against him. He turned his head to brush a kiss against David's hair, smiling at the thought that he could so cheerfully just stay like this, luxuriating in the feeling of having David in his arms.

Whatever had drawn him and David together, he was thankful for it. He could already feel that the two of them had so much ahead of them, and it hadn't even been a day. He knew that sort of thing was rare, and he considered himself incredibly lucky to be one of the few granted this sort of chance.

"I'd love to," he said softly, nodding in response to David's question. He was loath to move from their current position, but he was certain he would have many more chances to have David in his arms.

He followed David into the house, looking around with interest. As they entered the kitchen, he was hard-pressed to contain a low whistle. Now, this was definitely something that he missed, living in an apartment. He had enjoyed cooking before he moved, but the tiny little kitchen in his apartment was... rather lacking.

He met David's eyes, again smiling as he nodded. "It is indeed. There's something to be said for a decent-sized kitchen... this is rather impressive." He chuckled, grinning at David's next words. "I do, actually. Well, a little. Can't say how good I am at it - I've never really been the entertaining sort either - but I enjoy it, at least."

He raised an eyebrow slightly at David's next comment, moving a little closer, his voice low. "Do you, now?" He tutted, still smiling. "Perhaps you'd let me cook for you sometime...?" His voice was almost a murmur now, his eyes never leaving David's.

A small part of him wondered if that was a little presumptuous, but on the whole he didn't really think that it was. He knew, with increasing certainty, that he and David had a future together - a future that he was looking forward to more with every passing second.

Noticing the kettle on the stove, he remembered just what they had come in for. "Right, tea," he murmured, picking up the kettle and moving to fill it at the tap. Setting it back on the stove, he turned on the burner, before turning to look at David again.

David busied himself with moving around the kitchen, opening the cabinet where he kept the tea. He was a bit embarrassed to admit that he was something of a tea conoisseur -- he had several different kinds, so many that a couple of the boxes fell onto the counter when he opened the cabinet door.

"Impressive? I suppose so," he said, glancing around the kitchen as he spoke. Not being someone who liked to cook much, he hadn't really paid much attention to the amenities of the kitchen when he'd first moved in.

But now, he was seeing the room through new eyes. And if Linus enjoyed cooking .... "You're more than welcome to cook for me -- for us -- anytime," he murmured shyly, not really knowing what else to say. "I'm sure it's better than eating take-out all the time."

He'd noticed that Linus's voice had taken on a husky tone; his words didn't sound as though he was just asking if he could cook for David sometime. It seemed that there was a much more intimate question hiding under those words -- though he couldn't quite figure out just what it was. The thought sent a shiver down his spine.

Was he absolutely certain that this was the right thing to do, to be involved with someone this quickly? David pushed that small doubt away the instant it formed in his mind. Of course it was right. There was no reason why it shouldn't be.

Linus wasn't at all like Padraic. This man wasn't going to cheat on him, lie to him, or hurt him. He didn't know why he was so convinced of that -- after all, he didn't know Linus at all -- but he felt it in his heart.

This man had been burnt, too; maybe not in the same way that he had, but in a way that would obviously make him wary of becoming involved with anyone -- perhaps even of telling people that he was gay. But he'd been as instantly attracted as David was, despite what misgivings he might have had, and that had to mean something.

He took a few of the boxes of tea out of the cupboard, wishing that his hands weren't shaking so badly. Why should he be this nervous? Linus wasn't going to bite; he actually seemed to be keeping his distance, which was somehwhat disappointing.

When he turned back around to say something, David realized that Linus hadn't been keeping his distance; he'd actually filled the teakettle and put it on the stove to boil. He was surprised, but gratified; he liked the idea of Linus feeling enough at home in his kitchen to do that.

"Thank you," he said softly, his gaze meeting the other man's. Men didn't usually bother to help him when he invited them over -- not that he'd done anything like that since he'd left Scotland, but every man who had ever been a guest in his home seemed to expect to be waited on, and had expected David to do everything for them.

Just another way that Linus was different from the other men he'd met, David told himself, smiling. "I don't usually get that kind of help. I appreciate it," he said, holding up two of the boxes. "Do you have a preference for a certain kind of tea?"

Linus laughed softly in response to David's comment about take-out. "Well, I would hope so," he replied. Some of the people who used to know him would probably have laughed at him wanting to do something that seemed so, well, domestic - but it was just one of many things that felt right where David was concerned.

It wasn't just the idea of offering to cook. He wanted to focus his world around David, to make him the centre of his life, to spend as much time as possible with him and learn everything about him. Oh, he knew that it wouldn't happen straight away, but it was enough just to know that it would happen.

The fact that the two of them had really only just met didn't matter, to his way of thinking. He could feel that there was definitely a connection between them, one that he was sure would only continue to grow and develop as they got to know each other.

It didn't matter that they hardly knew each other right now. That knowledge would come in time. What mattered was what he did know - he was inexorably drawn to David, and fairly certain that David was likewise drawn to him.

He smiled as David's eyes met his own, moving towards the other man. "You're welcome - least I could do, really." He stopped beside David, leaning in to kiss him before glancing at the tea boxes he was holding. "No, I don't really have a preference. I'll be quite content with whatever you've got, I'm sure."

He glanced over David's shoulder at the cupboard he had been looking through, and blinked in surprise. "Wow. You certainly have quite the selection, don't you? I'm impressed." He wrapped his arms around David's waist, pressing a kiss against the younger man's cheek before moving to capture his lips. Right now, he was sure that nothing could taste sweeter than David's lips against his own.

David was unsure as to just what he should do -- it had been so long since he'd had what he could call a proper "date" that he'd seemed to lose his knowledge of how to act around a man he was just meeting and inviting to his house.

Taking a deep breath, he steadied himself before looking over at the other man with a tentative smile. He had to get over this nervousness; it wasn't going to do either one of them any favors if he felt awkward around Linus. And he shouldn't feel that way; he hadn't when they were in the bookshop. It made no sense that he should be shy now.

But this wasn't the bookshop; they were in his house, no longer in a public place where he could feel that there was a bit of a buffer between them. This was his private domain, and the two of them were quite alone.

Which was what he'd wanted to be, he told himself sternly. The two of them needed to spend some time together away from other people if they wanted to get to know each other properly.

He was surprised when Linus kissed him the first time; he hadn't expected that, not at all. He had thought that the other man would be a bit shy, keep his distance, and that maybe he was moving a bit too quickly and he should back off.

But that didn't seem to be the case at all, and he had to admit that he was glad it wasn't. He didn't want to hold back his feelings; he wanted to let Linus know just how attracted he was and how much he wanted to be with this man. There was no need to let nervousness take him over -- after all, Linus wasn't Padraic.

This wasn't any man he'd dated before, he reminded himself. This was the man he was with now -- and Linus was more exciting and intriguing than anyone he'd ever met. David wanted to get to him better -- much, much better.

"I told you I was a tea connoisseur," David said with a laugh -- just before Linus leaned in to take him into his arms and kiss him.

That was something he hadn't expected, not at all. He'd expected a peck on the cheek; that was the sort of thing that his ex had always done, and he'd found himself slipping back into the routine of that remembered relationship even as he'd spoken to Linus.

But this was something completely new, the feelings sweeping David away. He let the box of tea fall from suddenly trembling fingers, moving to wrap his arms around Linus's neck and kiss the other man back just as passionately as Linus was kissing him.

Linus let himself be lost in the sensation of having David in his arms, of kissing the other man and being kissed in return. There was nowhere else that he wanted to be - not now, not ever. It didn't seem like anything else could ever compare to this.

There was something almost intoxicating about kissing David; it was as though he was almost trying to meld with the younger man, to merge with him and fuse into one being. Like the two of them no longer existed as separate entities, but combined to become something far greater.

If this was what it was like just kissing David, what would it be like when things progressed further? He didn't want to rush things, or press for anything David might not want - but from what he had said earlier, in the bookshop, it had certainly sounded like David wanted the same thing.

Linus tightened his hold slightly, one hand buried in David's hair. A part of him was still worried that he might be rejected, but he inwardly reminded that insidious little voice to shut up and leave him alone. David wasn't going to reject him, certainly not now.

He just hoped he didn't do anything stupid to put David off, like he had back when they first started talking in the bookshop. So long as he didn't make a mistake like that again, he would hopefully be able to keep from making a complete ass of himself.

He was so absorbed in his private little world with David that he was slightly startled by the sound of the tea-kettle whistling. He had almost forgotten what they had actually come into the kitchen for; he had been somewhat distracted by David.

Not that he was complaining. Not in the slightest.

He looked at David somewhat sheepishly. "I'd, uh, forgotten about that," he murmured. He really didn't want to move from where they were standing, though he doubted that letting the kettle boil over would be a particularly good idea.

Reluctantly, he released his hold on David, moving to the stove to turn off the burner. He looked at the kettle rather ruefully; he'd been rather enjoying what they were doing.

He left the teakettle on the stovetop as he turned back to David, wrapping an arm around the younger man's waist. "I suppose we should actually do what we came in here to do... although," he added in a low voice, "frankly, I can think of other things I'd rather be tasting than the tea."

David could feel his knees trembling, weakening; he almost had to hold on to Linus to keep himself from slipping to the floor. No one had ever made him feel this way with just a kiss -- but then, he was convinced that he'd never met anyone quite like Linus.

After all, this man made him feel that he wanted to make a serious commitment when they'd only known each other for .... what? A couple of hours at the most? Or had it actually been that long? He had no idea, but it didn't matter.

He was sure that this was what he wanted, a committed relationship with the man who was holding him and kissing him. He'd never wanted anything so much in his entire life.

Even if they'd only known each other for five minutes, he'd know that this was right. There was no reason to question his feelings; anyone else might have said that he should be more cautious, that he was jumping into this too soon, but he was sure that he was doing the right thing. He had no room in his heart for doubt.

And even if things didn't work out .... David firmly pushed that thought away, slamming an inner door on it and refusing to let it surface again. Even if there were some problems adjusting, the two of them would work that out. They had to.

He had no idea how long he was in Linus's arms, how long the kiss had gone on, when the loud whistle of the teakettle jolted him back into reality. He blinked a few times, wide-eyed, realizing that the kettle was sounding rather insistent.

How long had they been standing here in each other's arms, both of them lost in the private world they'd already managed to create for themselves? He didn't know, and he really didn't care. It was enough for him merely that their world existed.

When Linus released him to turn off the heat on the stove, David leaned down slowly to pick up the box that had fallen from his nerveless fingers when the other man had first swept him into those strong arms. He'd completely forgotten about it.

At least none of the tea had fallen out. He took a deep breath, trying to steady his senses, taking out a few tea bags and turning to the counter to put them in the two mugs.

David couldn't keep himself from leaning back against Linus when he felt those arms around him again; his hands were trembling a bit as he picked up the tea mugs. "I hope you like chai tea," he murmured, feeling a little embarrassed at the fact that he was shaking. He was acting like a smitten schoolboy on his first date, he chided himself.

No other man had ever had this kind of effect on him; no one before Linus had made him feel breathless and lightheaded, as though he wanted to melt completely into them and surrender himself, heart, body and soul.

He blushed at Linus's tone, turning his head slightly to look at the other man and smiling a bit tremulously. "I .... can't argue with that," he whispered, feeling a shiver of anticipation race through his body at the thought of the two of them getting more intimate.

Linus watched the movements of David's hands, almost transfixed even by such a simple thing as putting a teabag in a mug. He really did have beautiful hands, Linus thought. Just like the rest of him, really. It was amazing that one man could be so beautiful.

And David wanted to be with him. That alone still amazed him to a certain extent - he hardly thought he was much of a catch, really. Certainly nothing special, at least not to his own way of thinking. But there must have been something to capture David's interest - whatever that was, he was glad for it, because it had led them here.

"Yes, I do," he said softly, the words almost whispered in David's ear. He didn't particularly want to relinquish his hold on David, even for the purposes of getting the tea sorted; he rather liked the feel of that slender body in his arms.

They'd barely known each other for a few hours, and already he couldn't get enough of touching David, holding him, just being near him. And he already knew that he wanted to be able to continue to do so, for the rest of their lives if David would let him. He couldn't imagine being with anyone else - David just seemed like the perfect fit.

He nuzzled David's neck, placing a kiss at the base of his throat before returning his gaze to his face, gratified by the flush across David's cheeks. He really did look cute when he blushed, Linus thought, again thanking whatever deity had seen fit to bring he and David together.

"I think tea for now, hmm?" he murmured with a small smile. "I'm sure there will be plenty of time ahead for... other things." He ghosted his lips over the shell of David's ear as he spoke; despite his words, he really was reluctant to break away from what he could feel between the two of them at this moment.

He gave a reluctant sigh as he straightened, reaching out to cover one of David's trembling hands with his own. He wasn't entirely steady himself; David seemed to have that effect on him. It was an effect he welcomed, one he'd never thought anyone would have on him. Though right now, it was making tea preparation somewhat difficult.

Especially when his mind still seemed to be drifting along the track it had started on before.

He tried to drag his thoughts away from the path they were taking - much as he would have loved to follow through on some of them, he didn't want to rush into things. He was still concerned about whether David might think it was too soon, even though the younger man seemed just as eager.

He attempted to speak, but his voice wouldn't co-operate. He cleared his throat, and tried again. "Well. For now, tea... we'll see what the future brings otherwise, yeah?" He gave David a gentle squeeze with the arm still around his waist. "Want a hand?"

David had a hard time calming his nerves when Linus was standing right behind him; he knew that it was silly to be so nervous, but this man had that effect on him. Not nervousness, exactly; he didn't know how to describe what he felt.

Was he feeling this way because of how much he wanted this man? The thought startled David; he hadn't expected to feel this kind of desire for someone he'd just met. And he certainly didn't want Linus to think that he was throwing himself at him ....

He took a deep breath, trying to steady himself. It wouldn't do for him to look like some silly schoolboy who stumbled over every word and action.

What he needed to do, he told himself firmly, was to relax and enjoy the time he had with Linus. After all, they had to get to know each other before their relationship could progress; as much as he wanted this man, he wasn't just going to fall into bed with him. That would give a completely wrong impression about what kind of person he was.

And he was sure that Linus wouldn't do that, either. The other man had said that he wanted to be in David's life for a long time to come, and he couldn't doubt the sincerity he'd heard in that soft voice.

David closed his eyes, letting himself relax in Linus's embrace. It had been so long since anyone had touched him; he'd almost managed to resign himself to spending the rest of his life alone. The last thing he'd been looking for when he came here was another relationship.

But did it matter that he hadn't been looking for this? It had fallen into his lap, and he would be stupid to push someone away who he was so attracted to simply because his relationships hadn't worked out in the past.

This wasn't the past. This wasn't any other man he'd known. This was the relationship that he was starting now. And he had to look towards the future.

"Thanks," he murmured, reaching for the teakettle and pouring water into the mugs. Linus still had those strong arms around him; there was something very comfortable about being able to lean back against the other man's strong body.

When Linus's hand covered his, the trembling somehow stopped; it was as though, with that one simple gesture, the other man had calmed any fears or nervousness that he might have had, banished them to a place where they'd never find him again. He felt safe with Linus, more than he ever had with anyone.

He picked up his cup of tea, watching as Linus did the same and feeling the other man move away from him slightly. "Let's go out to the gazebo," he said softly, suddenly feeling much less nervous, wanting to sit and talk more with this fascinating man.

As he led the way back out of the house to the back yard, David could feel his heart settling down to a more sedate beat. This was the beginning of the rest of his life -- and he was going to share that life with Linus. He was sure of it.

They'd already taken the first steps on the path towards a life together. And he knew in his heart that this was only the beginning.

As they walked down the back steps and out to the gazebo, David reached out for Linus's free hand, looking over at the other man and smiling. Everything was going to work out for them. He had no idea just how he knew that, but he did. He felt it in his heart. And he was going to do everything that he possibly could to make sure that feeling came true.



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